Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

It's 31st Dec 2011 which marks the end of year 2011. Welcome to the year of the Dragon, 2012. This year has been such a wonderful year for me for many reasons. Thank God for everything, for His guidance and help through this journey of life. 

December is always my favorite month of the year, mainly because I can go back to my hometown and spend Christmas time together with my family. Even so, time seems to be very short as I am going to end my stay here very soon. How I wished I can stay longer.... but due to work commitment this has not been possible... But this is a fact of life when you choose to work far from home to earn a living.

Whatever it is, I still have another day to go... I will make sure I spend it wisely with my wife and family... As the clock ticking, I wana take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2012!! :) God Bless Us!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dragon Boat Competition 2011

Nxt week will be the Singapore River Regatta 2011 aka Dragon Boat competition which is held annually. My company will be sending one team to compete in the corporate category. Our team consist of 10 paddlers. Today I just got my new paddle :)

This will be my first experience joining the dragon boat competition after about 7 months of training with my team. I have been assigned to several position as a paddler, be it at the center as an 'Engine', at the front line as a 'Pacer' and lastly, change to the back as a back paddler. So during the competition, I will be at the back position, and a back up for pacer in case there is a need to do so.

Well, there is some criteria on how the paddlers is being positioned on the boat. Weight and strength of paddles must be taken into consideration: 

The front six paddlers set the pace and should be reserved for paddlers with good long paddling strokes. The rest of the boat needs something visual to follow. The rest of the boat will have short choppy stroke if the front has short choppy strokes.
The middle eight or the "engine room" is usually reserved for the heavier, stronger paddlers. During the middle of the race the engine room dictates the pace. The stroke rate of the crew is usually determine by the engine room. The stroke rate is not too fast as long as the big engine room paddlers can twist and reach. Once the engine room paddlers start shortening up on their stroke, you know the pace is getting too fast.
The back six paddlers of the boat should have the strongest people in the boat. It is not uncommon for a novice crew to setup the boat with weaker paddlers who get out of stroke. For an intermediate crew or an advanced crew this would be a missed opportunity. A series which is a sequence of more powerful strokes meant to advance the boat and is initiated by the back six paddlers and ripples to the front of the boat.


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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Today I just get the result of my PR application. It was unsuccessful. There is no reason stated. But it's okay. At least I can move on to my next plan after about 4 months on the crossroad just to wait for the outcome. So, what should be next? :)

I just changed my phone and got myself a Samsung Galaxy S2. I really like it a lot because the screen is bigger and processing is much faster. I had been playing around for a week, and I still interested to explore more. Anyhow, speaker and battery life are better for IP4 compare to S2. BTW, S2 is much easier and fun to operate.

I had done a big mistake by violating one of my company policy. I was called by HR for explanations, and they have to bring the case to be discussed further to determine what course of action should be taken against me. I just hope the worst is not going to happen such as immediate service termination. I was lawfully wrong, but my intention is good. Its all about contributing to the company and no any other intention. I pray hard so that I deserve a second chance. I've learned my lesson....
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


It's 11:51pm now. Finally I managed to finish up my work. Did I said work? Yes, work. I brought my office work at home to be completed during Hari Raya Haji holiday. Why? Because I didn't wana stay back last friday. I wana go back home and was already in a holiday mood. So, here I am doing it back in the comfort of my own room listening to Lite FM. Siap suda... kotoh. Bisuk mau present.

It is now in the month of Nov. I am so looking forward for month of Dec because I want to go back home for Christmas. Im always looking forward to go back for Christmas. Even though I know that I will be spending money like a rich CEO, but it's nothing comparable with the time I got to spend with my family. Huh, now I've start thinking about how short my holiday is. Sigh...

Next year will be an exciting yet a challenging year for me. Exciting because I am gonna be a father. Challenging because it comes with greater responsibility as well. Things and priority seems to be changing with time. That goes the same with my plan as well. What seems to be sure before tends to be the otherwise now. As an instance, last time I think moving to JB is the right thing... now I tend to find a way remain in SG. But of course, either way I choose, there will be a price to pay. Maybe I am once again in the cross roads. But in the end, what the best for my family are things that really matter.

I know my parents are concern about me and how I am going to settle down with my family here. My mother as an example keep on telling me not to be afraid. Well, I never said that I am worried about my future because some how I know about what I am going to do. Its not that i don't have plans, but just waitingt for positive signs before really making a final move on it. The rest of it, I will just surrender to God. Maybe she sees it in different way because I always complaints about how pricey it is to afford a house in SG.

At the same time, my dad is trying to offer a solution. A solution that will never be agreed to my wife - which is to leave our baby at home while we are working abroad. hehe. When I said that will not be possible, he tells my brother about how I am going to deal with this... I can just smile when he said "Inda juga kami kasi sembrana anak kau bah" .... Well, that is not my main point though.... Funny isnt it?

I am trying to make an effort to visit a gym 3 times a week. But most of the time I managed to go only twice a week. Main reason is laziness. Lazy to travel and lazy to go alone. But I keep on reminding myself, that I will go out of shape if I dont maintain myself. Some more my work is just sitting and looking at the computer most of the time, and tendency to get stress is high. So, basically I am idling most of the time, and too much of idling is not good.

I think it is very important to keep on good shape. Apart from staying healthy,  it gives me more confidence and better self esteem. Tidak lah urg cakap nnt asal kawin jadi boroi.... taulah sia rambut sia makin kurang but apa yg buli dikawal and diperbaiki haruslah diperbaiki, kon ni? keke... My wife has been emphasizing on the importance of grooming and helping me on putting a face mask twice a week. Now I started to use a bb cream daily as well to keep my skin moisturized, protection form UV, better complexion etc. Paastu sia start pakai oil control towelettes suda utk wipe excess sebum drp muka sia yg berminyak ni... semua ni sia beli dr Lab Series. Biasalah kontemporary.

Memandangkan cita cita sia mau jadi pilot inda tercapai, dan course utk belajar pun mahal and sia pun inda tau buli tercapai ka inda... maka sia ambik jalan singkat.... sia mau kasi terbang kapal terbang secara simulasi di sana orchard. Nnt lepas sia siap, sia kasi share video sia kasi terbang Airbus di orchard k.... bagi yg berminat bulilah berkunjung ke laman web dibawah utk lebih detail....

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday Oct 1st

Sebetulnya sia plan mau pindah rumah pada hari ini.... tetapi hari khamis lalu, itu owner baru kasi sms sia n bagitau yg rumah dia belum ready... dia cakap ada legal suit dari bank...and dia perlu masa 3 minggu untuk settle everything to be able to rent the house again... sia pun mcm apa lagi... kenapa telampau short notis juga ko mau bagi? mcm mana sia mau cari rumah within 3 hari?

So I called my current landlord, asking him whether he has another empty room to be rented as the current one we stayed has already taken by other tenant which will start moving the day we want to move out - Today. We were lucky because he still has another common room available. Now we will have to adjust a bit, since we are no longer staying in a master room. Tida apa lah... calm down.... bukan lama pun. Sebulan saja. Sementara itu, sia beli tampui sajalah... manatau mau kencing malam malam.

Banyak keputusan yg sia buat dalam hidup, yg kadang2 sia tertanya tanya, betul kah nih keputusan yg sia buat? Contohnya dalam keputusan mau tukar kerja.... sia terfikir mcm mana klau keadaan di sana makin teruk? mcm mana kalau sia inda dapat buat kerja dia dengan baik? mcm mana kalau org2 dia sucks? sia terfikir adakah sia ni jenis urg yg inda tau bersyukur? tapi bila sia pikir balik, sia mana tau jawapan dia... maka yg sia buli buat adalah bedoa saja supaya kalau ok maka Tuhan tolong kasi success lah... kalau inda ok, maka kasi fail lah :). 

Tapi actually cara yg paling baik mau tau keputusan yg ko ambik ok atau tidak adalah merenung masa lampau... ko cakap sama diri ko sendiri... kalau dulu sa inda begini, mesti skrg hidup sa inda begini... pastu kau reflek lah sendiri sama ada kptsn yg kau ambik tuh ok atau tidak.... yg pasti, mesti ko realize, apa yg berlaku dulu ada reasonnya... Tuhan itu wise.... tau apa yg terbaik untuk ko kalau ko berharap kepada-Nya.

When I think about my beloved COUNTRY - Sabah, I tend to get angry. I hate those so called leaders whom have no vision and mission towards their responsibility to bring Sabah and its people for the better. The cries of the sabahan people seems to be falling on deaf ear... there are so many issues concerned.... about illegal immigrants, high cost of living, poor infrastructure, poor job market, poor ppl etc.... but nothing has been done to address or to contain this problem... kalau ada pun hangat2 tahi ayam saja. How I wished those corrupt ppl rot in hell for the evil things they have done.

I just hope something is going to happen in the coming election. I dont know whether the Sabahan ppl really dont wana change which I doubt it, or its because of the dirty work of the government and the SPR who assisting in providing free IC to those illegal immigrant in exchange for their votes. Celakalah org yg berbuat demikian. Celakalah pemimpin Sabah yg diamanahkan untuk bekerja untuk rakyatnya kalau dorang inda buat apa apa and just duduk terima gaji, belanja sana sini... happy happy.... sampai masa kamu terima balasan juga tuh.
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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Selama setahun sia kerja sini, mcm mcm gaya and tabiat yg sia nampak.... kadang kadang sia befikir sendiri, kenapalah mesti durang betabiat mcm tuh? Contohnya di tempat kerja sia, kekiasuan orang dia sangatlah hebat... langsung tidak mau kalah wpun kedapatan salah dan budu masih mau menegakkan benang durang yg sudah terlondeh.... heran sia... belum pernah sia mengalami ni keadaan mcm ni... baru di sini.... yg sia heran kan, sifat cemburu di kalangan teman seoffice sangat kuat.... tinggi pangkat sikit - cemburu! Tapi sia tingu tingu, urg yg pandai cemburu nih, durang tidak kemana.... di sana dia start, di sana juga dia end... yg org baru datang tiba tiba pangkat tinggi, tu lah durang mau cemburu... coz durang puluhan tahun masi tinggal di bawah keladi.

Dalam ketinggian hati durang, sia dapat sense yg durang ni sebenarnya penakut... takut sama bayang bayang sendiri... takut kelihatan budu sebab buat salah walhal urg tidak anggap durang budu pun... sendiri buat assumption.... satu lagi sifat durjana yg sia paling tidak suka.... durang suka nampak ko kedapatan salah... durang suka kalau ko malu sebab dibuktikan ko salah... wpun its just TYPO ERROR yg durang berjaya buktikan... durang sangat bangga... heran kan ada manusia mcm ni?? but as i said, yg begini punya urg, mana dia start di sana dia end... xda apa yg dapat dibanggakan sama durang...

Kedua lagi tabiat yg sia inda suka generally, kalau naik bas kan, kebanyakkan ni manusia sini tidak suka duduk di tempat duduk sebelah dalam.... kalau ada 2 kerusi kosong, durang akan duduk di sebelah luar... so biasanya, sebelah dalam tuh kosong saja.... dalam hati sia, susah sangat kah mau keluar kalau kau dudk sebelah dalam? org yg di sebelah luar buli bagi jalan bah kalau ko mau keluar.... kadang kadang mcm sia mau bg penampar sama durang nih....

Ketiga, kalau dalam bas, belum sampai destinasi lagi semua sudah prepare bediri ready mau keluar....dalam pikiran sia, gila ka durang nih? pandai lari kah tuh pintu bas? dapat sijil dekan kah durang kalau numbur satu turun dr bas? yg lebih mengherankan  lagi... org2 tua yg suda teda tulang pun masih mau take the effort utk bediri awal bah... bukan apa, kamurang tau lah kan, kalau bas tuh mau berenti dia pandai brek brek jadi ko akan terhuyung hayang... bukan secara logik better kah kau duduk sampai bus berhenti? kau senang, saya pun senang... yg paling sia rasa mau tuang pakai air panas kan is, sudah lah sesak ramai urg bediri, yg si duduk ni mau juga paksa bediri even so no space untuk dia bediri coz crowded... eh sia bilang.....  sudah senang mau cari susah.....

Ini yg negatif lah... ada juga bah yg positif... tapi malas sia mau tulis... sebab mau tulis pun bukan naik gaji sia juga.
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week 15

Gambar anak sia pada minggu ke 15:

Guess, boy or girl?

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